Using NAS storage for Dental X-Rays

Safely and effectively storing patient data is one of the most important duties of a contemporary medical practitioner. More and more hospitals, dental practices, and medical clinics are using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as their primary method of storage for patient data, and being ahead of the curve in the field of ethical and effective data storage can help you assure your patients that their data is being stored securely.


The Dangers of Cloud Storage


Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices provide secure and reliable data infrastructure solutions for EHR storage. While many medical practices are tempted to store their data in the cloud, this data storage method is fraught with complications. EHRs that are stored on the cloud leave the control of a medical practice the moment they are uploaded to the internet. Since at least 2009, vendors who provide cloud-based EHR storage have engaged in the unethical practice of selling patient data to the highest bidder.1 While this is a rank violation of the HIPAA act, patients are now aware that cloud-based EHR storage can put their data at risk. Therefore, using local NAS storage builds trust with your patients and ensures that their data won’t be compromised.



The Benefits of Local Storage 

While using cloud-based storage puts your patient data in the hands of third-party vendors, information stored on NAS systems stays safely within the walls of your medical practice.

These EHR storage systems can be designed to withstand hacker intrusions, and they are easy to access. Cloud-based data storage systems cannot be accessed without an internet connection, but NAS systems can be accessed even if your internet connection has been interrupted due to an unexpected outage or scheduled maintenance.

Cloud-based EHR storage services charge monthly fees in exchange for access to your stored data. When you opt for a NAS system, however, the only expenditure you’ll incur will be the initial setup cost. You’ll also need to pay a little extra if you ever want to increase your storage capacity, but this one-time payment is usually minimal.


One of the most notable benefits of using a NAS system is the potential to increase your rapport with your patients. Even the most professional and well-meaning dental practice can lose business by using cloud-based EHR storage systems. Patients want to know for sure that their data will be kept safe, and they’ll be much more willing to do business with your practice if they know that their EHRs will be stored on a secure local server.


NAS Storage for X-Rays

With NAS systems, the sky is the limit in terms of storage capacity. No matter how many patients your practice sees in a month, you’ll be able to store every last bit of patient data on your own private server if you implement a NAS system. It’s even easy to store large files like X-rays on NAS systems since you won’t need to worry about reaching the arbitrary data caps that are put in place by cloud-based EHR storage services.

As your practice grows, your NAS system can grow with it. Unlike cloud-based storage systems, NAS systems are endlessly expandable, and you can simply add extra hard drives to your server whenever it seems like you might run out of space. No matter how much patient information you accrue, however, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that all of these vital data are safely stored on a system that is under your direct control.



Pairing with the Right Provider

Now that you’ve been introduced to the immense potential of storing your patient data on your own terms, the only step left is to pair with a company that can transform your data management dreams into a reality. SimplyNAS has provided innovative NAS solutions since 2007, and this company designs data storage systems that are tailor-fit to the specific needs of individual dental practices. In addition to providing the technology you need to keep your practice ahead of the curve, SimplyNAS will also walk you through every step of the process as you implement a NAS data storage system to handle your EHR data. Once you’ve worked with SimplyNAS to discover your needs, your order will be put through a rigorous NASBIT testing process to ensure that your data storage system arrives functional and ready to go. To learn how SimplyNAS can take your EHR storage protocols to the next level, contact the team at today.


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