Scale with Confidence: Ultrastar DC SS530 SAS SSDs

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Western Digital is excited to announce the new Ultrastar® DC SS530 SAS SSD, our organization ’s highest-density drive along with the fastest dual-port SAS SSD available on the market. The Ultrastar DC SS530 doubles the maximum capacity compared to this prior-generation SAS SSD to a whopping 15.36TB1. Its performance sets new business records one of SAS SSDs with around 440,000 random read operations per minute as well as 320,000 random write operations per secondtwo . The Ultrastar DC SS530 proceeds to push storage bounds for SAS SSDs, supplying the much needed horsepower required to handle massive gains in both unstructured and structured data for mission-critical data warehouse and cloud software.

What Can 15TB in a Single Drive Do?

Let’s take a little time to consider exactly what this high capacity SSD can perform. One major tech company made accessible to the populace a 13.5TB (or 13,500GB) data collection that contains approximately 110 billion consumer interactions of its various properties that are online. That dataset is now able to fit inside a single Ultrastar DC SS530 SSD that may provide adequate performance to drive high-throughput data mining activities utilized in AI and machine learning algorithms.

SAS Interfaces for Flexibility and High Availability

The SAS interface is a well understood and dependable way to scale drive counts to 48 or 60 drives in a 4U server. Employing the Ultrastar DC SS530 it now becomes possible to set up up to 737PB to 921PB of all blazing-fast solid-state storage in a single server.  Alternatively, you can pair the Ultrastar DC SS530 using Western Digital’s 14TB Ultrastar DC HC530 hard disk in a hybrid setting to balance high density and performance within software-defined storage environments, reducing TCO.  This flexibility of easily picking between hard drives and SSDs is among the major benefits of the SAS interface.

Another major benefit of this Ultrastar DC SS530’s SAS interface is its dual-port configuration.  The SAS connector on the drive may connect to 2 separate SAS controllers, which allows for seamless transitions in the case of connectivity or server failures and helps ensure that the data you want is available once you require it.

SAS Storage for AFAs and Hybrid Arrays

Many All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) and Hybrid Arrays in the Market Now leverage the SAS protocol.  The Ultrastar DC SS530 empowers the manufacturers of these storage systems to maintain their existing investment in SAS storage while providing their clients with much higher performance and double the storage frequency.

With increasing international regulations for data privacy and the rising consequences of non-compliance, data protection and security are top-of-mind for IT professionals now.  The Ultrastar DC SS530 will supply the most recent data protection options, such as TCG Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) and TCG FIPS-validated versions, which can be required for certain government programs.

Easing Adoption with Proven Quality and Characteristics

Western Digital has a long history of working closely with OEM customers and supplying trusted enterprise storage apparatus. Our proven track record of quality and service minimizes qualification efforts for OEMs and variety manufacturers, along with the Ultrastar DC SS530’s unique value proposition is ideal for decreasing TCO:

  • Reliability–Maximize array and server uptimes using a field-tested structure along with an enterprise-class MTBF rating.
  • Endurance–Provides write endurance options acceptable for everything from the maximum performance caching and deduplication programs down to read-intensive data warehousing deployments.
  • Safety –Models are available with the capability to encrypt data at rest using both venture – and government-standard encryption.
  • Ultrastar DC SS530

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    Learn More at the Flash Memory Summit in August

    To Find out More about our Ultrastar DC SS530 and the rest of our enterprise SSD products such as SATA, SAS, and NVMe™ interface drives, come see us August 7-9 at Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA, USA in Western Digital Booth #207.
    1 One TB equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes), and one GB equals one billion bytes when referring to drive capacity. Accessible capacity will be different from the stated capacity due to formatting and partitioning of the hard disk, the computer’s operating system, along with other factors.

    Two According to printed product specifications as of July 2018. Performance will vary by capacity endurance and point degree, or with adjustments to useable capacity. Consult product manual for further information. All performance measurements are in complete sustained style and peak values. Subject to change.

    MTBF and AFR evaluations do not forecast an individual driveway ’s reliability and do not constitute a guarantee.

    Particular blog along with other articles on this website may contain forward-looking statements, including statements concerning expectations for our product portfolio, the market for our products, product development efforts, along with the capacities, capabilities and applications of our products. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements and we undertake no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or conditions.


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