QNAP TS-x83XU Overview

The brand-new TS-x83XU line from QNAP will revolutionize the NAS industry. This series includes the nine-bay TS-983XU-E2124-8G and TS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G, the eight-bay TS-883XU-E2124-8G and TS-883XU-RP-E2124-8G, the 12-bay TS-1283XU-RP-E2124-8G, the 16-bay TS-1683XU-RP-E2124-16G, and the mammoth 24-bay TS-2483XU-RP-E2136-16G.
QNAP TS-X83XU Product Brief

TS-x83XU Introduction

The brand-new TS-x83XU line from QNAP will revolutionize the NAS industry. This series includes the nine-bay TS-983XU-E2124-8G and TS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G, the eight-bay TS-883XU-E2124-8G and TS-883XU-RP-E2124-8G, the 12-bay TS-1283XU-RP-E2124-8G, the 16-bay TS-1683XU-RP-E2124-16G, and the mammoth 24-bay TS-2483XU-RP-E2136-16G. These enterprising NAS solutions from QNAP are each equipped with state-of-the-art Intel Xeon processors, and they support up to 64GB of RAM. In addition, all of the models in the TS-x83XU line feature PCIe 3.0 ports, and QNAP has optional PCIe accessories at the ready that can add even more functionality to these powerhouse NAS systems. With the next-generation Qtier 2.0 and QuAI protocols in place, the new TS-x83XU line from QNAP is set to deliver even more data processing power than any previous QNAP NAS series.

Powerful Xeon Processing with ECC

The NAS systems in the TS-x83XU line feature either E-2124 4-core or E-2136 6-core Intel Xeon processors. These processors come equipped with ECC technology, which automatically detects and repairs single-bit errors without any need for user intervention. ECC reads data from memory, detects faults, and delivers repaired data to applications seamlessly and instantaneously.

Up to 64GB of Dual-Channel Memory

The servers in this NAS line are equipped with either eight or 16 gigabytes of DDR4 ECC-compatible RAM. However, these QNAP NAS solutions support up to 64GB of dual-channel and long-DIMM memory. They have four total RAM slots that are separated into two channels, and this redundant design delivers incredibly quick and reliable data processing.

Varying Bay Quantities for Diverse Applications

The offerings in the TS-x83XU series contain between eight and 24 bays for enhanced versatility. Notably, the TS-983XU-E2124-8G and TS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G both contain nine bays; four of these bays are externally visible and admit 3.5-inch drives, but five are internal and fit 2.5-inch drives. The rest of the NAS solutions in this series contain externally visible drives that can admit either traditional HDDs or lightning-quick SSDs, and with a maximum of 24 available bays, there’s plenty of room for expansion with these groundbreaking servers from QNAP.

Dual PSUs for Ensured Data Continuity

The TS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G, TS-883XU-RP-E2124-8G, TS-1283XU-RP-E2124-8G, TS-1683XU-RP-E2124-16G, and TS-2483XU-RP-E2136-16G all contain dual power supplies. If one power supply fails, the other will instantly pick up the load to ensure that you don’t lose any continuity of data availability or experience any data loss.

Qtier 2.0 for Seamless SSD Caching

The offerings in the TS-x83XU line are equipped with Qtier 2.0, which optimizes SSD tiered storage by generating a reserved space that serves as a cache, and Qtier also optimizes I/O speeds on other types of drives. Everything about the TS-x83XU line is designed to get the most out of the continually increasing capabilities of SSD storage.

PCIe 3.0 Slots for Limitless Expansion Capabilities

Since the NAS units in the TS-x83XU line contain between one and five PCIe 3.0 ports, they offer plenty of opportunities for networking or performance upgrades. To make things even easier, QNAP produces a number of ready-made accessories that will work perfectly with your NAS. The QM2 card provides M.2 SSD slots for enhanced SSD caching, which increases your IOPS. You can also install cards that contain extra 10GbE ports or super-power your networking capabilities with a 40GbE card. In addition, you can increase the number of USB 3.1 ports at your disposal or install a SAS expansion card to make your NAS compatible with REXP expansion units.

GPU Compatibility for Enhanced Graphics Processing

The NAS solutions in the TS-x83XU collection support a number of different GPU configurations. GPUs increase the video processing power of your NAS, which can be crucial in video editing applications. The TS-983XU and TS-983XU-RP support GPUs that measure up to 19 x 68.9 x 257, the TS-883XU and TS-883XU-RP can admit cards that measure up to 37 x 68.9 x 214, the TS-1283XU-RP admits cards that are up to 37 x 68.9 x 214, the TS-1683XU-RP supports cards that measure up to 38.5 x 111 x 214, and the super-sized TS-2483XU-RP can fit cards that measure up to 55 x 138 x 312.

Rail Mounting with No Tools Required

QNAP provides a number of rail kits that allow you to mount your NAS unit without relying on any tools. The RAIL-B02 has a maximum load of 20 kilograms, and it is designed for the TS-883XU/1283XU. The RAIL-A03-57 can support up to 57 kilograms, and it is optimized for the TS-1683XU. In addition, the RAIL-A02-90 can hold up to 90 kilograms, and it works with the TS-2483XU.

Speedy Data Transfer with USB 3.1 Gen2

Each offering in the TS-x83XU features four USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, which represent significant improvements on USB 3.0 technology. While the maximum transfer speed of USB 3.0 ports is 5Gb/s, USB 3.1 Gen2 ports support speeds of up to 10Gb/s. These NAS solutions have both Type-A and Type-C USB 3.1 ports, which means that you can back your NAS up onto a variety of different external storage drives at lightning-fast speeds.

Smart Services with QuAI

QNAP’s onboard AI optimization service, QuAI, works best with an optional GPU installed. This developer package is designed for the speedy and effective development and deployment of AI and machine learning based services, and these smart services can revolutionize the way that you manage data.

Powerful Surveillance Suite

QNAP’s QTS user interface comes equipped with a variety of surveillance applications that make it easy to keep track of all of your surveillance solutions simultaneously. Surveillance Station offers eight free channels by default, and it can be expanded to offer up to 80 channels with an optional license. QVR Pro comes with eight channels as well, and it can be expanded to a maximum of 128 channels with a license. In addition, QUSBCam2 transforms webcams into 1080p surveillance recording solutions.

Faster Virtualization with iSER

Since the TS-x83XU series from QNAP supports the iSER protocol, the NAS solutions within this collection provide increased performance and lower CPU loading. This protocol allows data to bypass the general network drivers and the socket layer to directly enter the memory buffers of your NAS system. The iSER protocol also makes virtualization solutions like VMware faster and more responsive by increasing random read/write performance 60 percent with 50 percent lower latency.


The TS-983XU-E2124-8G and TS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G feature two 10GbE SFP+ ports and two GbE RJ45 ports. They also include two USB 3.0 ports, four lightning-fast USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, and one low-profile PCIe 3.0 slot each. The TS-883XU-E2124-8G, TS-883XU-RP-E2124-8G, and TS-1683XU-RP-E2124-16G feature four GbE RF45 ports, two 10GbE SFP+ ports, and four USB 3.1 Gen2 ports. They also have four full-height PCIe ports. Lastly, the 24-bay TS-2483XU-RP-E2136-16G has four GbE RF45 ports, two 10GbE SFP+ ports, and four USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, but it also has an extra full-height PCIe 3.0 slot for a total of five PCIe ports.

Application and Use Case

Since the NAS systems in the TS-x83XU series have such widely varying numbers of bays, they can be deployed in highly versatile applications. This innovative NAS series from QNAP is best applied in small or medium-sized business settings with between 50 and 500 employees, but high-end models like the TS-2483XU-RP-E2124-8G may even be ideal for large-scale enterprise applications. The MSRP pricing for the TS-x83XU series has not yet been released.


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