QNAP Thunderbolt 3 NAS Product Launch

QNAP Thunderbolt 3 NAS Product Launch

Finding a way to boost productivity while also adding to your storage capability is now a great deal easier through QNAP Thunderbolt technology. That’s because of the introduction of the Thunderbolt 3 NAS, which is specifically designed to appeal to those media content professionals that are looking to take their creativity to the next level.

Twice the Speed of Thunderbolt 2

Part of the Thunderbolt NAS series, this third generation takes up where the Thunderbolt 2 left off for users. The most immediate indication of just how much more advanced the Thunderbolt 3 is will be evident when you need to transfer files or any other work. The Thunderbolt 2 had offered double the transfer speed of the USB 3.1 and quadruple the rate of the USB 3.0, but the Thunderbolt 3 doubles the bandwidth of what its predecessor was delivering. That means it moves at a rate of 40 Gbps.

A Reduction of Clutter

Simplicity is also one of the best facts of the Thunderbolt 3, since it reduces the chaos that develops from multiple cables into a process whereby a single cable is all that’s needed. Those using the USB Type C for their Thunderbolt 3 benefit from having a universal connection established between any Thunderbolt devices to QNAP NAS. This also includes any number devices that are part of the USB Type C, with the bottom line in all of this being that data storage has one specific home and the sharing of files is performed with ease and in lightning-quick fashion.

Funneling Video the Right Way

When collaboration among different work stations is required, the value of the Thunderbolt 3 comes through because of its ability to merge the skills of those using both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X 10.3. One single folder will hold video on an NAS volume. From the perspective of the Final Cut Pro X 10.3 side of the equation, this is possible due to Final Cut’s ability to support the protocol for SMB/CIFS 4.3.4.

Editing as a Team

Prior to the introduction of the Thunderbolt 3 NAS, users had to deal with protocol that was shakier and slower, especially when any number of users were performing edits at the same time. Video has become the coin of the realm in communication channels, which means getting it out as fast as possible is vital to bolstering a bottom line. For those using Multiple Final Cut Pro, the same media files will be able to have projects and events edited at the same time before then crafting the finished product together much more quickly. The rarity of forging a file sharing working relationship between those using Windows and those beholden to Mac is what comes about, thanks to the SMB/CIFS networks.

A Convenient Converter

Rather than discard a 10 GbE port, the T2E Converter brings together QNAP Thunderbolt NAS and those using whatever Thunderbolt they currently have in operation. The Converter, the acronym of which stands for Thunderbolt to Ethernet, helps Apple users to avoid the hassle of having to acquire an adapter for their high-speed network efforts.

Quicker NAS Access

Those T2E settings can be especially enhanced when working in conjunction with QNAP Qfinder Pro. Here, the network rapidly seeks out an LAN which has multiple QNAP NAS on it, and allows for quick discovery, which helps boost productivity. In the case of quickly getting to shared folders, direct access to NAS can be obtained with Qfinder Pro. Another subtle asset that comes with using the Qfinder Pro is that the annoyance of having to continually have connection information available is avoided. Before this, the set had to repeated each time, which once again took a toll on productivity.

Improved File Expansion Capabilities

That productivity concern was also relevant when 4K files were required, since their massive size quickly ate up storage space. The Thunderbolt 3 NAS solves this conundrum by opening up ample space for high-resolution files through the use of a QNAP Thunderbolt expansion enclosure. Each of the three Thunderbolts 3 options requires a USB-C to Thunderbolt adapter.

Value to Savor

The innovations that have comes as a result of the Thunderbolt NAS Series have helped ramp up the stakes within the workplace and for those with a creative bent. With the launch of the Thunderbolt 3 NAS, the trajectory is again adjusted upward and destined to make the same sort of impact as its predecessors, only at a faster rate of speed.


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