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RS1219+ Introduction

The Rackstation RS1219+ series by Synology is a NAS solution that’s optimized for rapid data sharing throughout your team. It features eight bays that are compatible with SSD drives, and it features optional M.2 SSD caching, which can increase your read and write speeds exponentially. Since it includes a PCIe expansion slot, you can customize the Rackstation RS1219+’s network compatibility with a 10GbE NIC or a Wi-Fi card. The RS1219+ serves up plenty of processing power, and it is equally effective as a file-sharing hub or a high-capacity backup target. This NAS system’s intuitive and comprehensive user interface (UI) makes it possible to collaborate on documents in real time with your team, and it also provides a central interface where you can control all of the critical functions of your network.

Ample Processing Power

The RS1219+ contains a quad-core CPU that offers 2.5GHz of processing power, which means that it can transfer, back up, and restore data rapidly across a number of different network-connected devices simultaneously. This processing capability is also conducive to the operation of virtual machines, and the 2GB of DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM that is equipped on this NAS can handle dozens of different simultaneous processes. The RS1219+’s RAM capacity can be increased to up to 16GB, and this NAS offers over 1,310 MBps of sequential reading.

Advanced File Manager

This NAS solution features File Station, which is a web-based file management operating system developed exclusively by Synology. File Station is compatible with both Mac and PC devices, and it offers intuitive drag-and-drop operations within an aesthetically pleasing virtual environment. This file manager comes equipped with advanced search tools that you can use to fine tune your results, which makes it easier to organize and share the exact files that you need. File Station is highly compatible with a variety of protocols; it seamlessly supports AFP, FTP, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, and WebDAV.

Synology File Station

Ultimate file management and sharing

Cutting Edge File System

Since the RS1219+ is equipped with the Btrfs file system, it handles data with the greatest dexterity of any NAS system on the market. This file system is highly flexible, and it also ensures your data integrity to the fullest extent possible. The Btrfs file system optimizes snapshot generation and storage, and it also prevents data corruption, which allows you to apply your resources where they’re needed most instead of having to constantly replace your drives. The User Quota System offers total control of shared folders and user accounts, Snapshot Replication supports up to 65,000 system-wide snapshots and 1,024 shared folder backups, and the automatic file self-healing protocol embedded into Btfrs fixes corrupted files without requiring user input.

Powerful DiskStation Manager Apps

This Synology NAS comes equipped with DiskStation Manager (DSM), which is a powerful OS that includes a number of different applications. Surveillance Station allows you to manage all of your surveillance equipment from one central location, and it also provides an interface for storing or sharing your surveillance recordings. Desktop Backup is a simple app that you can use with Mac or PC computers, and it is also compatible with mobile devices. Workstations equipped with Desktop Backup will back up directly to your NAS, and the RS1219+ provides you with the ability to control all of your backups from a single hub.

Hyper Backup is a proprietary tool that enables block-level incremental data backup, and it also features cross-version deduplication. In addition, DSM comes with a suite of security applicaitons that protect your stored data and the devices on your network, and this intuitive user interface also provides you with opportunities to integrate a variety of network services, management applications, and mail services into the functionality of your NAS.

Collaborate in the Cloud with Office

DSM is equipped with Office, which is a suite of document processing programs made specifically for Synology NAS systems. Office offers document collaboration between your entire team, but documents created and edited within this innovative virtual environment never leave the confines of your local network, which increases your security and decreases your sharing latency. This comprehensive suite provides you with the ability to collaborate on text documents and spreadsheets with your team, and it also comes with an intuitive chat system that makes it easy for collaborators to communicate even when they aren’t in the same place. Office provides all of the functionality of popular cloud-based document editing platforms while keeping your data completely private.

Comprehensive Virtualization Support

The RS1219+ is fully compatible with the vast majority of the most popular virtualization platforms. This NAS system’s iSCSI protocol provides seamless operability of VMware, Windows Server, and OpenStack virtualization solutions, and VMware vSphere 6 and VAII integration optimizes processing efficiency by offloading storage operations. Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) is also equipped with this NAS, and this protocol increases your migration rate by speeding up data transfer. Plus, the RS1219+ integrates OpenStack Cinder technology to transform your NAS into a block-based storage component for improved granularity and control.

Optional Expansion Unit

RS1219+ and RX418 mounted in a rack

Since both RS1219+ and RX418 are only 12 inches in depth, they can fit perfectly in a 2-post or wall mount rack.

While the various models within Synology’s RackStation RS1219+ series only contain eight HDD bays on their own, Synology also offers an optional expansion unit that can increase the capacity this NAS by 50 percent. This expansion unit is equipped with four more drive bays, and you can mount it directly below the body of your NAS. Since 12TB HDDs are now available, if you install this expansion unit, you can increase the overall capacity of your RS1219+ NAS by up to 48TB.

Small Form Factor Rack Mounting NAS

This NAS from Synology has a depth of only 12 inches, which means that it is highly space-efficient. This small form factor makes it possible to mount or place the RS1219+ in a variety of different spaces, and its built-in rack-mounting hardware makes it easy to connect it to a two-post rack. If you don’t already have a two-post rack, these NAS mounting solutions are simple to assemble, and opting to include one of these racks in your server room may be feasible even if you only purchase a single RS1219+ unit. However, rack mounting becomes incredibly beneficial when you have a number of different NAS units. Most two-post racks can admit at least six NAS systems, and when you mount your servers with a two-post rack, you eliminate the need for complex rail kits.


The RS1219+ features four 1GbE RJ-45 ports, and it offers one eSATA port. It also has two USB 3.0 ports and a console port for peripheral connection, and it has a PCIe expansion slot. This slot expands your connectivity options, and Synology offers a variety of different PCIe accessories that can make this NAS solution even more robust from a networking perspective.

Synology RS1219+ Hardware Features

Synology RS1219+ Hardware Features

Application and Use Case

The Synology Rackstation RS1219+ series is ideal for small or medium business with between 20 and 200 employees. Since it includes eight bays, it has the potential to store an incredible amount of data, and its rack compatibility makes it a NAS that works best as one component of a larger data managing team. The Synology Rackstation RS1219+ costs $1,199.99 without any disks installed, and it costs between $2,993.00 and $5,842.00 when equipped with between 8TB and 96TB of Seagate Constellation ES HDD storage.

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Specification: Synology RS1219+ NAS Buyer’s Guide


Form Factor

2U Rackmount


Intel Atom C2538 Quad Core 2.4 GHz 64-bit

Installed Memory (RAM)


Maximum RAM

16 GB (8 GB x 2)

Drive Bays

8 Bay

Compatible Drive Types

2.5" SATA HDD, 2.5" SATA SSD, 3.5" SATA HDD

Expansion Ports

PCIe – 1 x Gen2 x8 slot (x4 link)

Power Supply


Noise Level

36.8 dB dB(A)

Product Warranty

3 Year

Item model number


Operating System

Windows 10

Item Weight (pounds)


Product Dimensions

16.9 x 11.7 x 3.5 inches

Item Dimensions L x W x H

16.95 x 11.72 x 3.46 inches

Photos: Synology RS1219+ NAS Buyer’s Guide

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  1. Dale Moffet

    Have one issue where the SFP+ card ordered for the NAS caused a malfunction. After Contacting Synology, the corrected their supported card list and replace the add-on card at no charge including shipping.

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  2. John R. Ward

    I purchased in January and it is already dead. Working with Synology to repair or replace. I contacted Synology and they are sending out a replacement. The process was extremely easy and very quick. I would purchase again.

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  3. mike_fl

    This NAS was easy to setup, has great software, has excellent throughput and generally has been great to use!

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  4. sealoft

    I have been using Synology equipment since 2014. I have gone through many bugs, deficiencies, enhancements and software updates during that time. As with any hardware platform driven by software there is inevitably these kind of challenges but what I didn’t expect was to be forced to throw away equipment in less than 4 years due to Synology’s approach to hardware repair. If you encounter a hardware issue with Synology hardware after the warranty period you will have no way of getting it repaired by this company and will have to throw it away!I made this inquiry to Synology:”Hi do you have a repair service for this unit? Unfortunately it is just outside the warranty period. I hate to spend another $500 to replace this unit if there is a more economical approach. What are my options?Here is a direct quote: “Unfortunately we do not offer repair services for any of the devices unfortunately”.So now I have to spend another $500 to purchase a new unit. I have to install 5 new enterprise hard drives and build a new raid volume. This by the way takes days!I now have a bunch of Synology equipment that will need to be thrown away as it fails. I have many thousands of dollars invested in this equipment but even more importantly I have years of investment in this platform. So the lesson I have learned is to go only with a company who stands behind their hardware not just through the warranty period but beyond. In the end analysis I might have just replaced the unit if the repair was going to be too expensive but if it was something simple I would have opted to repair the unit.

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  5. Michael R Gianni

    Easy setup and great performance!

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  6. Joseph T. Brophy

    am very upset because of disruption to my work environment.

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  7. William Robson

    Backing up several computers and eventually streaming Plex.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this server thinking it would be a reliable solution for backups. Fast forward 3 months later and it won’t power on after the UPS battery died. Contacted support and it took several days to initiate an RMA request. After the RMA request was acknowledged, it took almost two weeks for the replacement server to get here. Once I received the replacement server, I was highly disappointed. The power button was missing and the case and lots of scratches and dings and the cover lid screws were almost stripped out. I put in my additional memory and 10 gbe cards and the device won’t power up. I removed the upgraded RAM and network card and it’s still won’t power up. Replacement server is also crap. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. Synology support is horrible.

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    Synology RS1219+ NAS Buyer’s Guide
    Synology RS1219+ NAS Buyer’s Guide


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