Synology RackStation RS3618xs NAS Buyer’s Guide

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RS3618xs Introduction

The RackStation RS3618xs is optimized for large-scale data storage in medium-sized business or established enterprise applications. This NAS by Synology makes it easy to manage all of your data, and it serves as a fluid and responsive platform for operating multiple simultaneous virtualizations . It features a quad-core CPU, and it can admit up to 64GB of RAM, which means that it is capable of easily handling even the most intensive NAS functions. The RS3618xs uses the next-generation Btrfs file system, and it comes equipped with Synology’s comprehensive DSM user interface. In addition, this fine-tuned and powerful storage NAS comes with a five-year warranty that will keep you covered in any situation, and it features 12 SATA bays.

High-Powered Quad-Core CPU

The RS3618xs is equipped with a state-of-the-art quad-core CPU, which makes it equipped to handle even the most resource-intensive NAS tasks. This CPU can deliver processing power of up to 2.7GHz and delivers virtualization environments with ease. Best of all, this quad-core processor is highly energy-efficient, which means it won’t strain the power supply of the RS3618xs or contribute much to the total on your power bill.

Ample Space for Expanded RAM

This NAS solution from Synology is equipped with 8 GB of DDR5 ECC UDIMM RAM at the factory, but it is capable of offering up even more processing power. You can upgrade your RS3618xs to run up to 64GB of RAM, which means that you can expand the potential of this already-powerful NAS by an exponential factor. The more RAM you have, the more processes you can run, so this expandability feature can be a life-saver for large-scale enterprise applications.

Optional Accessories for Extra Bays

If 12 bays isn’t enough for your purposes, Synology has solutions that will fulfill your needs. If you connect the RX1217 or RX1217RP accessories, you add up to 24 bays to your RS3618xs for a total of 36 maximum possible bays. Since you can equip each of these bays with a 12TB HDD, you have the potential to upgrade this powerhouse Synology storage NAS to offer up to 432TB of storage. Synology makes it easy to install these expansion accessories; simply connect them to the clearly labeled Expansion 1 and Expansion 2 ports on the back of your NAS to start enjoying extended storage capabilities.

Dual PCIe Slots for Enhanced Customization

While the RS3618xs already offers plenty of connectivity options, you can expand the capabilities of this Synology NAS even further by utilizing this server’s two PCIe 3.0 ports. Whether you want to power up your networking capabilities with 10GbE or 40GbE ports or add a Wi-Fi card to your NAS to reach even more devices, these dual PCIe ports offer practically limitless opportunities for expansion. You could even specialize the functionality of the RS3618xs by adding a dedicated GPU or an M.2 SSD caching device for greater processing speed and power.

Ready for 10GbE and beyond

PCIe 3.0 slots allow for faster networking options as you expand your infrastructure. Together with the built-in quad Gigabit ports, RS3618xs offers comprehensive connectivity options for link aggregation and failover configurations.

Simple Rack-Mounting Compatibility

The RS3618xs is easy to mount on a basic two-post rack, which eliminates the need for complex rack-mounting technology. If you mount your NAS on a rack, it will enjoy better airflow, and racks become a true necessity when you operate multiple NAS units simultaneously. The RS3618xs features a slim and shallow design, which means that it won’t take up much space on a rack. Best of all, it comes with mounting holes pre-drilled, which ensures that it will be entirely level when you set it up in your server room.

RS3618xs Mounting Side View

Feature-Packed Synology DiskStation Manager

Click to enlarge.

This Synology NAS comes equipped with DiskStation Manager (DSM), which is Synology’s innovative user interface. This graphical interface includes a number of on-board applications, and Synology also offers further optional applications. DSM is equipped with CMS, which is a handy tool that allows you to control multiple NAS systems from a single central location. It also includes Snapshot Replication, which provides enhanced data protection for virtual machines and shared folders by duplicating them on iSCI LUNs. VMM allows you to run multiple simultaneous operating systems on different virtual machines, and Synology High Availability ensures seamless service transition between connected NAS units to hedge against data loss in the case of server failure. This UI is also equipped with MailPlus, which is a next-generation mail management interface, and Drive, which is a unified and versatile data synchronization and management system.

Cutting-Edge Btrfs File System

The RS3618xs uses the state-of-the-art Btrfs file system to deliver total, seamless control of your files. This file system offers file or folder level data restoration to ensure that the data recovery process is quick and easy, and it also automatically heals data defects to ensure that user intervention doesn’t become necessary. Plus, it serves as a reliable base for the Snapshot Replication app, which allows you to store and deduplicate up to 1,024 shared folder snapshots and 65,000 system-wide backups.

Specialized Backup Applications

Since the RS3618xs is designed to be a dedicated data storage NAS, it’s only natural that it comes with a variety of specialized storage-oriented apps. Hyper Backup ensures your ability to back up your data to external devices, local shared folders, a public cloud, or another clustered NAS. It also comes with an agentless backup solution that automatically protects the data you’ve stored on Linux and Windows servers to minimize your operation costs. In addition, it operates seamlessly in tandem with Time Machine on Mac OS and Cloud Station Backup on Windows, and it can also serve as a backup target for your Office 365 or G Suite documents.

Supports Leading Virtualization Solutions

Synology’s iSCI protocol makes the RS3618xs compatible with all of the most popular virtualization solutions. Whether you want to run VMware vSphere 6 to offload storage applications or utilize Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) to speed up the migration and data transfer process, this advanced protocol has your back and will provide an ideal platform for virtualization implementation.

Comprehensive Warranty and Replacement Service

The RS3618xs comes with a five-year warranty that covers much more than simple manufacturer’s defects. It also provides you with free hardware replacement and technical support via email or phone, which ensures that no problem you encounter with your RS3618xs remains unsolved. If Synology can’t fix the problem with your NAS, they offer a next-day replacement service called SRS. If you operate in an eligible region, Synology will ensure that you don’t endure any downtime.

RS3618xs Connectivity

This storage NAS solution from Synology features four 1GbE RJ-45 ports. It also includes two expansion ports that are used to connect it to the RX1217/RX1217RP expansion modules. It has two USB 3.0 ports, and it also has a standard console port. In addition, the RX1217 or RX1217RP has two third-generation PCIe ports for enhanced customization functionality.

RS3618xs Connectivity and Button Functions. Click to enlarge.

Application and Use Case

The RS3618xs is best applied in large-scale business applications with 100 employees or more. Since this NAS is designed specifically with storage in mind, you may want to pair it with a lightning-fast SSD NAS or a graphics-oriented NAS to get the best results. Since it can store massive amounts of data, it would serve your needs perfectly as a mail server or a dedicated backup target. The 12-bay RS3618xs costs $2,599 without any disks installed, and storage disks are purchased separately.

Synology NAS RS3618xs 12-Bay Rackstation (Diskless)

Synology RS3618xs NAS Rackstation 8 GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM, RAID 0/1/5/6/10 JBOD Quad LAN, Dual 10GbE, with Dual PSU and Synology Hybrid RAID, VMware compatible.

Specification: Synology RackStation RS3618xs NAS Buyer’s Guide


Form Factor



Intel Xeon D-1521 64-bit Quad Core 2.4 (base) / 2.7 (turbo) GHz

Installed Memory (RAM)


Maximum RAM

64 GB (16 GB x 4)



Drive Bays

12 Bay

Compatible Drive Types

2.5" SATA HDD, 2.5" SATA SSD, 3.5" SATA HDD

Expansion Ports

PCIe – 2 x Gen3 x8 slots (x8 link)

Power Supply


Product Warranty

5 Year

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Big fan of Synology products. Although their support was lacking mid-2016 when I needed assistance with a crashed volume. Make sure you got your stuff backed up!

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  2. Deborah Armour

    We have several Synology products which have been great so we purchased the Synology NAS RackStation to replace a Mac server. It was easy to set up and integrates with Windows Active Directory, just what we were looking for. We have some other expensive NAS devices that work great with Time Machine and are easy to increase the storage capacity but don’t integrate with Active Directory, which causes problems with share access/permissions. Glad we found the Synology products.

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  3. dyrewolf31

    Believe it or not, we bought this Synology NAS to replace a retired refrigerator-sized EMC appliance. For a fraction of the price, and a fraction of the size (and power draw), we’re getting BETTER performance. Pretty wild. This is my first time using Synology and I’m exceedingly impressed. Easy to configure and optimize, UI is super intuitive.

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    Synology RackStation RS3618xs NAS Buyer’s Guide
    Synology RackStation RS3618xs NAS Buyer’s Guide


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