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QNAP TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US NAS Buyer’s Guide

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The TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US is a mid-level NAS solution with a number of potential applications. It facilitates easy collaboration between Mac and Windows users, and it is equipped with Thunderbolt 3 technology. This innovative solution from QNAP boasts 7th-generation Intel processors, and it is equipped with 64 GB of RAM. It’s easy to access and modify your data with this NAS device’s next-generation QRM+ remote server management support, and the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US is ready to admit whichever hot and cold storage modules you need to keep your creative process running smoothly. With multiple connectivity options and the ability to seamlessly transcode 4K video, this option from the TVS-1282T3 is the perfect solution for manifesting a real-time collaboration environment that brings out the best in each of your team members.

Product Highlights

  • 4 Lightning-fast Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • 2 10Gbase-T ports
  • QRM+ unified remote server management support
  • Multi-core 7th-generation Intel i7 processor
  • 64 GB RAM
  • M.2 SSD-ready
  • 3 PCIe expansion ports
  • Smooth 4K video transcoding
  • 3 HDMI outputs
  • 2 internal speakers
  • Tool-free HDD installation

TVS-1282T3 Windows and Mac Compatibility

Traditionally, it’s been hard for Mac and Windows users to collaborate effectively. These two popular operating systems each have unique benefits, but they don’t communicate with each other easily. However, with the TVS-1282T3 series, connectivity between Windows and Mac systems is simple. With this NAS system, you can enjoy basic communications between Windows and Mac systems over your Local Area Network (LAN) using 10GbE ethernet ports, or you can connect Thunderbolt-compatible devices to the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US directly to enjoy connection speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

Connection speeds in this range make it easy for Windows and Mac users to collaborate on projects that include 4K or 3D video. Final Cut Pro X version 10.3 and higher offers SMB protocol support, which means that Mac users can store files on the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US that Windows users can access immediately. Plus, this offering from QNAP automatically converts Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 for quick and easy connectivity.

TVS-1282T3 Mac and Windows compatibility

Multi-Core Intel Processing Power

With this NAS system’s 7th-generation Intel i7 processor, you’ll have no shortage of data-crunching power. The TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US also packs a whopping 64 gigabytes of RAM, which means that you can run a practically unlimited number of resource-intensive processes on this innovative NAS solution. Processing power like this makes it easy to collaborate on high-resolution video projects in real time, and it also makes data backup and retrieval incredibly fast. The 7th generation of the Intel Core series supports DDR4, PCIe Generation 3, and DMI 3.0 architecture, which means that you’ll have no problem interfacing the TVS-1282T3 series with the latest computing technologies.

Seamless 4K Video Transcoding

The TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US does the transcoding work for you so that you can get back to doing what you do best. With this incredible QNAP NAS system, you can either transcode 4K video files in the midst of the collaboration process or wait until later and transcode offline. Plus, since the TVS-1282T3 series is equipped with three 4K-compatible HDMI ports, you can view video files directly from your server, which eliminates any need for transcoding. This convenient NAS solution even comes equipped with a multimedia remote for easy playback.

Innovative QTS Operating System

This QNAP system is loaded with the simple and powerful QTS operating system. This visually-oriented and intuitive OS features a graphical dashboard, drag-and-drop capability, and plenty of shortcuts to help you organize your data with ease. This multitask-enabled operating system even comes with an App Center that you can use to install additional applications.

QRM+ Remote Server Management Support

With this Centralized Management Solution (CMS), QNAP makes it easy for network administrators to monitor and manage all of the devices that are connected to your TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US NAS system. It features a graphic topology diagram that makes device discovery a breeze, and it supports IPMI 2.0 and provides remote KVM access on select IPMI devices. This cutting-edge server management solution even offers real-time KVM recording and playback, and you can connect with your QRM+ CMS by installing QRMAgent on any Linux or Windows device.

TVS-1282T3 Virtual Machine Support

The TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US comes equipped with Virtualization Station, which is QNAP’s all-in-one tool for virtual machine (VM) hosting. Virtualization Station supports multiple operating systems, and it makes creating new VMs quick and easy. With VM backup, restoration, import/export readiness, and snapshot capabilities, this NAS system serves as a lightweight and responsive solution for all of your VM needs.

TVS-1282T3 Virtulization Station

Qtier Technology for Storage Optimization

You’ll never have to worry about inefficient data storage and retrieval with the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US’s Qtier tiered storage technology. This protocol optimizes data transfer across M.2 SSD, SSD, and SATA HDDs, and it automatically moves hot data to your fastest drives for easy access. This intelligent data management protocol also moves cold data to your SATA drives for long-term storage. With On Demand Allocation Priority (ODAP) support, this NAS system from QNAP provides you with the customization you need to store your data where you want it stored.

Storage Flexibility

With the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US, you can store your data any way that you like. This NAS solution features eight main bays that can admit either 2.5″ SSD HDDs or 3.5″ drives, and it is also equipped with four dedicated SSD bays. Best of all, this innovative offering from QNAP even has two built-in M.2 SSD slots, which means that you can boost your storage and retrieval power to the next level with this flagship model of the TVS-1282T3 series. When all’s said and done, you can equip this NAS system with up to 14 drives, which provides you with practically limitless tiered storage potential.

A heavy load of HDDs requires intelligent cooling power, and the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US employs compartmentalized smart cooling technology to differentiate between hard drive temperatures and CPU temperatures. This feature results in greater efficiency and noise control in cooling fan operations.

Thunderbolt 3 Power

The TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US incorporates the latest advances in Thunderbolt technology. This offering from QNAP boasts four Thunderbolt ports, which means that it’s easy to connect up to four Mac devices directly to this NAS solution with certified authentic Thunderbolt cables. Some Windows machines are also Thunderbolt-enabled, and you can check your PC’s USB-C specifications to determine whether it can connect to your TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US with this innovative media bridge that transfers data at an incredible 20 Gbps.

TVS-1282T3 Connectivity

Besides Thunderbolt capabilities, the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US also includes two 10GBase-T network ports. These ports work in tandem with this NAS system’s 10GbE connectors to deliver a seamless networking solution that brings your whole team together. This system’s three HDMI ports make it easy to connect the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US to external displays, and this QNAP offering even comes with a 3.5mm audio jack for direct audio monitoring.

Application and Use Case

The TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US is perfect for small businesses with less than 50 employees that focus heavily on audio/video projects. While this NAS solution from QNAP has enormous storage potential and advanced remote access protocols, where the TVS-1282T3 series truly shines is in the arena of creative teamwork. For creative professionals who need a home base for their data, the TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US serves as a safe haven that can protect any number of 4K or 3D video projects from data loss while providing a streamlined hub for cross-platform collaboration.

Price Check

Specification: QNAP TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US NAS Buyer’s Guide


Form Factor



Intel® Core™ i5-7500 3.4 GHz quad-core processor, Intel® Core™ i7-7700 3.6 GHz quad-core processor

Installed Memory (RAM)

64GB (16GB x4) DDR4 RAM



Internal Cache Port



2 x 10Gbase-T

Drive Bays

12 Bay

Product Warranty

2 Year

Max Number of Cameras


Max VPN Connections


Photos: QNAP TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US NAS Buyer’s Guide

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QNAP TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US NAS Buyer’s Guide
QNAP TVS-1282T3-i7-64G-US NAS Buyer’s Guide


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