5 Ways to Prevent Data Disaster for Small Businesses

5 Ways to Prevent Data Disaster for Small Businesses

Data disaster is not fiction but a real threat to everyone. Even more so for the small businessman. Prevent data disaster in small businesses before the disaster occurs. We want to help you prepare, if not avoid it.

Unfortunately, hackers are out there.

Prevent a data disaster in small businesses

Installing a firewall is a great way to avoid a data disaster in a small business

They are usually successful with a  a security breach. Yet, we know how to end that.

Security breaches can be prevented easily. We just have to begin with a prevention plan for internal and external security. The security measures can be as simple as password security to firewall implementation.

Five Different ways to prevent data disaster in small businesses

Consider these few measures which may help you prevent the tragic disaster of data loss. These measures will make it more difficult and may discourage the hacker from continuing to access your data. Granted, remember if someone wants to access your information they will be persistent.

Therefore, make these tips part of your everyday process of business and personal life when dealing with your data.


When you use public WiFi, everything is public knowledge

Avoid free public wi-fi

Always be careful when accessing free public wi-fi

You should never use public WiFi from your phone or laptop if you are accessing private information. There is no security since it is public and can be intercepted easily.

Prevent data disaster in small businesses if you set up a private hotspot device. This will prevent leakage of the documents and files that your partner or boss endowed to you to keep safe.


Connection Points are found in laptops and are not safe 

Secondly, your laptop easily breaches your security. It is capably of being stolen and stripped of all data in the matter of minutes before you realize what has been done. Hence, always make sure your passwords as hard to break as possible. Make JhG!hdXsg*&%24 your next password. We won’t tell anyone.

Also make sure you have some sort of bio-metric access to your Laptop for these reasons:

  • It may not prevent them from stealing but will discourage the hacker
  • Prevents a data breach by informing your employer or your IT professional.

It’s not always nice to share 

Sometimes always sharing your information is not caring

Sometimes sharing is not caring. Sharing data among your colleagues is an acceptable practice in the small business realm, but with some limitations on the sharing.

We can always encrypt files to prevent everyone form viewing and you can set a limitation on who can write in the documents.

Sometime sharing with those individuals who do not care can be hazardous to your business.

Don’t assume file sharing means file security. Prevent data disaster in small businesses by making sure you have a copy and multiple versions of any file you send to a client or colleague.


Don’t Act Like a Small Business

prevent data disaster in small businessesEnterprise level companies provide employees with secure file-sharing systems. However, remote workers or freelancers may not have access to these. Conversely, this means you could accidentally forward a link to a private or client-sensitive file to someone who shouldn’t have access it. Clearly violating your client’s privacy.

The easy thing to prevent this is to double check before making that final click with your clients information.


Storing Data Does Not Always Mean its Safely Stored

There are different ways to loose data in cloud storage as a substitute for backup:

  • accidental deletion
  • overwriting
  • security incident
  • forgetting to upload files before disaster

Create a storage safety net with a cloud backup solution. Install software that will continuously and automatically back up all user files and data. Then you can scan for changes along the way. No more manual dragging and dropping is necessary.

An investment will create peace of mind that no piece of work will disappear forever.

Therefore, these five ways will ensure you can prevent data disaster in small businesses.


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