How the Synology RS4017xs+ is Capable of Multiple Solutions

How the Synology RS4017xs+ is Capable of Multiple Solutions

The new Synology RS4017xs+ comes equipped right out of the box with the Intel Xeon D-1541 8 core processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM, but If you want more RAM the system is capable of being expanded up to 64GB. However, not only the RAM can be expanded.

RS4017xs+ Front

The 16-bay Synology RS4017xs+

Scaled out to 40 drives with the addition of an RX2417SAS expansion unit, this machine also comes with Dual 10G Base-T ports and 4 1G ports.

The RS4017xs+ plus is capable of sequential throughput of over 4900MB/sec and IOPS of 690,000. Backups are no problem for this machine.

It can store up to 65,000 backup copies of off-site servers and local volumes and 1,024 copies of shared folders.

RS4017xs+ Specs

The Synology RS4017xs+ utilizes the BTRFS file system providing advanced technologies to meet management needs of modern large-scale businesses. Along with BTRFS, this NAS allows for file or folder level data restoration giving extra convenience for users who need to restore only a specific file or folder.

The File self-healing capability of this machine will auto-detect corrupted files and recover broken data using supported RAID volumes.

The Synology RS4017xs+ can provide solutions for VM storage and is equipped to handle VMWare, Citrix, Hyper-V, and OpenStack.

A feature of the unit that may be useful for many users is the Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX). ODX

This option makes massive data transfers migrations a breeze by taking away a lot of the extra work associated with data migrations.

A few options that I really thought could make this machine appealing for many of you out there would be the Business minded applications of the system.

The Synology RS4017xs+ is capable of Active Directory integration that does not require you to add additional user accounts.

Windows ACL options allow you set access controls and privilege levels so you can control who gets to work with the machine and what they get to access.

The MailPlus feature allows you to set up a mail server without the need for an additional machine.

This machine comes equipped with a collaboration suite that includes Office, Calendar, and Chat giving you a few more tools from the arsenal of options and features within this machine.

Disaster Recovery

Not to jump off the deep end, but this machine has the tools to keep you from going up the creek without a paddle.

How can the Synology High Availability feature benefit you?

You can have another one of these machines on or off site that can take over if the primary machine fails, keeping your business up and running.

The Synology RS4017xs+ is equipped with redundant power supplies, system fans, and network ports. They also took into consideration possible points of failure so in that they reduced the amount of additional accessories internally to keep the possibility of failure to a minimum.

For example, the system does not use a CPU cooling fan. Instead they optIntel Xeon CPU inside d to a passive cooling option, utilizing a larger heat sink.

Security should never be taken lightly at any stage or point of a network infrastructure. For that reason, Synology decided to add some options to the RS4017xs+.

Some of these features include AES-NI encryption, IP Blocking, Firewall, and encrypted backup over Rsync.

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