Network Attached Storage Market Sees Potential Lucrative Growth

Businesses data is growing by the day if not every hour and local data storage space quickly becomes limited if not almost depleted with no room for data growth. This is why SMBs can leverage (NAS) Network attached storage solutions and continue expanding their data growth in an affordable way, contributing to the reported growth of the expanding NAS market.

Converting to a Network Attached Storage Unit

But why is it so important to convert your current storage solution to a server virtualization unit? This dedicated file storage system provides secure access to your data cluster for clients and employees. Finally, your team can rely on a data storage method that will not confuse them with technical steps and multiple connections. These units can be easily controlled within their established network systems.

The digital sharing of data is becoming increasingly a top priority along with making data and information available to multiple users at once. Smart enterprises classify and analyze their data for insights on their customers and potential marketing opportunities. Storing such information on Networked Attached Storage units, specifically designed to not only allow file sharing and data storage but to increase productivity in the workplace, increases their potential for success.

NAS industry Background

NAS Units Become Increasingly Innovative

According to business insider, the network attached storage market is expected to see 20 percent growth between 2018 and 2024. This only means the absolute best for the end user because of the competition in the NAS market between manufacturers. How so?

With increased attention on the NAS market, SMBs want to utilize highly scalable networked attached storage in their virtual work environment. The investment is seen as financially responsible over time because of the lower cost of storage infrastructure and its continued ability to expand without cutting deeper into budgets.

Therefore, it is a constant race to being at the top of the NAS market. QNAP, Synology, G-tech, Western Digital, Netgear, Thecus and many more are innovating and diversifying storage solutions at a rapid pace. Consistent researched is performed to ensure the new units have a desired level of integration capabilities. They are emphasizing on geographical expansions to introduce their new NAS units to markets that currently do not deploy NAS as a data storage solution.

Imagine always having the simplest, easiest and most advanced applications to keep up with your rapidly growing data assets. If your business data is being generated by social networks, surveillance, client and field information, or entertainment platforms, these NAS manufacturers are working overtime to provide users like you updated commercialized consumer-oriented solutions.

The Lucrative NAS Market

The NAS market was stuck in a constant pattern of between being compared to cloud-based storage or online storage sites like DropBox.  However, according to research done by Business Insider, the NAS market is now (you can purchase the report here) expected to experience an increase in attention and sales over the years to come. Small businesses and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly adapting to the idea of cloud-based storage on a NAS because of the ease and beneficial features included in the platform.

So far, businesses in America are expected to gravitate toward NAS solutions due to large-scale adoption of cloud platforms. According to Business Insider, “North America held the majority market share of around 48% in 2017 due to early adoption of the advanced storage technology by enterprises in the U.S. Also, with large-scale adoption of cloud platforms and extensive presence of cloud infrastructure by the leading global players such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and IBM in the region, the adoption of NAS solutions in North America is expected to grow consistently over the forecast timeline.”

Design Your NAS With an Expert

Don’t take risks with your data! Join the businesses turning towards configured NAS units to be their prioritized storage infrastructure. Need help starting? SimplyNAS encourages SMB and SME users to explore the best network-attached storage systems available that will benefit your company as it grows and expands.

At SimplyNAS, their NAS experts offer preconfigured options which come installed with RAID capability. This allows data to be stored across multiple drives. Should one of your drives fail, as will be inevitably so, it is as simple as replacing the dead drive with a new one and your data will repopulate, without risk of loss.

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