It’s the new and improved QTS 4.3.5 Network Storage Software from QNAP

An NAS system is only as good as its operating system. The QTS operating system by QNAP has enjoyed enduring acclaim as a comprehensive NAS management solution, and this Linux-based storage management, backup, VM, and file sharing hub is always undergoing improvements. QTS version 4.3.5 has recently been released for beta testing, and this comprehensive NAS solution is already shaping up to be the best server management platform in its field.

The QTS 4.3.5 USP

The QTS version 4.3.5 NAS operating system is an ideal platform for both server administrators and collaborators. This latest version of QNAP’s legendary server OS incorporates the latest innovations in visual server operating system interfaces, and it is so intuitive that entry-level team members or even home users can quickly grasp the basics of this cutting-edge server application suite. However, comprehensive administrator tools also make it easy to discover new devices, alter storage protocols, and monitor network access with the click of a button.

QTS is the only operating system that is specifically designed for QNAP NAS systems. This unique distinction means that QTS 4.3.5 is the best possible solution for running a QNAP server, and it is tailor-fit to serve all of the needs that you may have while operating your NAS device. Unlike other NAS operating systems, QTS 4.3.5 supports multi-tasking with a multi-window interface, and it features App Center, which you can use to add specialized applications to your NAS system.

While QTS is streamlined enough to provide for the needs of even the most feature-oriented server administrators, it also comes with a full multimedia suite that makes it easy to share photos, music, and videos across your network. Many of these core features have been updated with QTS 4.3.5, and new features like QBelt, Security Counselor, and IronWolf Health Management take this QNAP NAS operating system into a league of its own.

Here are just a few of the features that have been updated or added with QTS 4.3.5:

Improved Network & Virtual Switch App

This streamlined app makes it easy to facilitate connection initialization and data sharing between containers, virtual machines, and your QNAP NAS. With QTS version 4.3.5, this operating system’s network topology map has been revamped and visually redesigned, and protocols have been added to make it easier to deploy a practically limitless number of virtual applications.

QBelt VPN Protocol

The new QBelt protocol facilitates easy and anonymous VPN usage. With QBelt enabled, it’s less likely that your network will be detected as a VPN, and it becomes easier to circumvent geographical limitations and connect to private networks.

Improved SSD Awareness
In recognition of the fact that rapidly dropping SSD prices are making these lightning-fast drives more desirable for NAS solutions, QNAP has tailored their latest version of the QTS system to make managing SSD drives easier. Updating to QTS version 4.3.5 will prolong the lifespan of your SSD drives, and it will also provide you with better control over the caching process.

SSD Profiling Tool

QTS version 4.3.5 comes with a brand-new SSD profiling tool. You can use this tool to test the random write performance of your SSD drives by over-provisioning from 0 to 60 percent. With the results of this test, you can determine your ideal over-provisioning ratio.

External Device Snapshot Unloading and Restoration

With QTS 4.3.5, you can now use the Storage & Snapshots Manager to offload snapshots to external devices and then intuitively restore your NAS system without having to resort to manual copying.

Notification Center

In previous versions of QTS, it was necessary to optimize each app’s notification settings. However, the new Notification Center app has bundled all of your notification settings in one place for easy access and customization.

Security Counselor

Security Counselor is new with QTS version 4.3.5, and it integrates your anti-malware solutions under one roof. It automatically determines software weaknesses and provides recommendations with an intuitive app.

IronWolf Health Management

If you are using Seagate IronWolf hard drives in your QNAP NAS system, you can take advantage of this new app. IronWolf Health Management improves system reliability by providing intuitive prevention, intervention, and recovery options.

A QNAP OS for the High-Speed Era

QTS 4.3.5 incorporates the most dynamic trends in the evolution of NAS systems to provide an all-encompassing platform that will stay in stride with all of the latest developments in high-speed SSD storage solutions and P2V architecture. At the same time, incorporation of features like the Notification Center makes QTS 4.3.5 one of the most intuitive and user-friendly NAS operating systems to be developed to-date. Whether you’re managing a massive NAS that keeps dozens of employees afloat or a small multimedia server for a startup, updating to the latest version of QTS is one of the smartest decisions that a savvy server administrator can make.


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