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Why a NAS is an Important Tool for Digital Photographers

Network-Attached Storage, or NAS, is a must for many who regularly work in digital photography. Basically, you use NAS as your primary storage hub, and have ...

Network Attached Storage Market Sees Potential Lucrative Growth

Businesses data is growing by the day if not every hour and local data storage space quickly becomes limited if not almost depleted with no room for data ...

Step in the Office of the CTO

The Office of the CTO at Western Digital, led by Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Martin Fink, is focused on the evolution of technology, ...

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding RAID

Data loss for anyone whether it is a business or individual ultimately means lost business or shattered memories respectively. Data is the most valuable asset ...

Advantages Of Network Attached Storage For Law Offices

Many changes are afoot within the legal profession, some interpret them as modernizing others call them necessities that have long been ignored or just plain ...

Enabling SSD Cache to Enhance NAS System Performance

What exactly is SSD cache and how does it work? The objective of enabling SSD cache is to increase the performance of random access to a small portion of data ...

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